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goosepond (2)Summer Camp 2016

Goose Pond Scout Reservation

July 17 - July 23, 2016

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UPDATED 6/1/15

Permission Form Due 6/4 - includes Map


The 2015 GPSR Leader’s Guide for summer camp Goose Pond Scout Reservation is here! All the information you need to know is contained in this document – including current merit badge offerings (see pages 25 – 29). 

We've taken the 2015 guide and removed most of the “administrative stuff,” leaving mainly program/advancement and certain other information that we believe parents and Scouts will find useful. You can view the 2015 SUMMER CAMP SUMMARY here that includes the most important parts. We encourage parents and Scouts to take a look at this material NOW to help with deciding which programs Scouts would like to participate.


Please see the Goose Pond List, and the Troop 12 List on what to bring to summer camp, based on years of practical experience.

If you have questions about these lists, please ask.


Please review the Merit Badge section –  check to see if your selected merit badge has prerequisites in order for you to complete the badge at camp. Make sure you complete any prerequisties before you get to camp Current merit badge requirements can be found HERE.

Remember, if you do not finish a badge at camp, it is not a disaster!  We help you find a counselor here at home with whom you can continue with the requirements.


Patrol Method Programming will again be a main feature at Goose Pond.

The time has come for Scouts to make a decision on extra programs.  Please take a look at the information below where we have tried to boil things down to make it simple.

No Sign-up Required:

  • Patrol “Green Bar” Award – Named after famous, long-time international Scouter “Green Bar” Bill Harcourt, who actually autographed one of the beams in the dining hall at Goose Pond Scout Reservation.  The “Green Bar” is a symbol of leadership (hint:  look at a PL, ASPL, or SPL patch).

    Scouts make this decision within their Patrol, and work on the award over the course of the week – no prior sign-up required.

Some Sign-up Required:

  • Patrol Programming – Each day, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm is set aside for patrol programming only! Patrols make a decision to work together during the “Patrol time hour”. Decide what you would like to do, even make up your own activity, and then sign up at camp on Sunday, July 12, after we arrive.  Think ahead and have your Patrol decisions ready to go that Sunday. All camp program areas will offer special activities designed just for Scouts to participate as a patrol.
  • Daily Outpost Treks – These treks are geared for individual Scouts aged 13-15 years (born in 2002 or earlier), and last an entire day (the camp will help Scouts make up any merit badge material missed on an outpost day, but Scouts must take the initiative to talk with the counselors).  Available treks will be posted at camp, and Scouts sign up after dinner at camp on Sunday, July 12.  You should have an idea ahead of time what general type of activity you would like to do.
  • Individual Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (C.O.P.E) - These programs are geared for individual Scouts aged 13-15 years (born in 2002 or earlier).  You may sign up for one entire day of C.O.P.E. (just like the outpost treks above), OR, you may sign up for “week-long” C.O.P.E., which runs from 2-5 PM Monday through Friday (no interference with merit badge classes).  We MUST sign up for these in advance, so we need to know from Scouts if they want to participate in either of these by Thursday, June 11.  For day-long, we’ll find out which day when we get to camp.  If you want to sign up, write your name and choice on a piece of paper and hand to Mrs. Fisher or Mr. Fales no later than Thursday, June 11.
  • Goose Pond Voyagers – This is a week-long program conducted in and out of camp, and is geared for Scouts aged 15-17 years (however, Scouts may participate if they are 13 years old AND have completed 8th grade, OR are 14 years old).  The flyer contains all information.  If you want to sign up, write your name and choice on a piece of paper and hand to Mrs. Fisher or Mr. Fales no later than Thursday, June 11.
  • Special Training: 
    • Water/Swim Rescue
    • Paddlecraft Safety

      These are certification trainings for campers aged at least 16 years as of Sunday, July 12.  These are involved, week-long courses that require daily sessions.  They are designed to bridge the gap between the on-line Safe Swim Defense/Safety Afloat courses and BSA Lifeguard certification.  If you want to sign up for either course, write your name and choice on a piece of paper and hand to Mrs. Fisher or Mr. Fales no later than Thursday, June 11.  You will also have to make an arrangement with the Aquatics Director on Sunday evening, July 12.


As always, ALL campers, regardless of how long they are staying, must have had a physical examination within the year preceding the last day of camp – that is, on or after July 19, 2014 – and have the results recorded on the latest BSA Annual Health and Medical Record, which is returned to us by no later than Tuesday, July 7, 2015. Please make no mistake, without this current, correctly completed form, a camper will not be allowed in camp – this is National BSA policy.  

For more information on what is required for the BSA Heath Record, please go HERE.


Please note and complete the Emergency Contact and Permission for Medical Services Form, and return to us no later than Thursday, June 11.

This form grants permission for Troop 12 or the camp to render first aid and seek medical service for a Scout, or for an adult if the adult is not able to grant permission, in the event an emergency contact is not immediately available, and confirms that you will go through normal channels with your health insurance provider for coverage.

This form also requests three emergency contacts (one can be the same as on the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record), in the event that the primary contact is not immediately available.

This is a precautionary measure.  The need for medical service at summer camp has been rare (eg, fall while running, infected finger), but has happened, and we would like to be prepared.


If a Scout or adult will be bringing prescription (Rx) or non-prescription (over-the-counter [OTC]) medication to summer camp, the medication must be bagged and identified as described as listed.  Please take note and follow the instructions.  For those who desire a “double check,” we shall schedule a time before camp to inspect packaged medication.


If any Scout or adult who will attend summer camp has any special dietary needS or any special dietary restrictionS for medical, religious, or personal reasons, the camp must know so that it can make proper arrangements.  You can let us know the need or restriction by return e-mail.  Please be as specific as possible about the need or restriction.  We have to have this information no later than Thursday, June 11.


Goose Pond Scout Reservation states in the Leader’s Guide:

  • “The official Boy Scout field uniform, informally called ‘Class A,’ ... is worn each day for evening retreat and dinner, as well as Chapel services.”

In addition, Troop 12 requests that Scouts and Scouters wear the Class A uniform to camp and home from camp (“to camp” is especially important this year, as a Troop picture will be taken at check-in).

As a reminder, the Class A uniform consists of the following:

  • Troop 12 Scout baseball cap
  • Red neckerchief with black trim, or Eagle neckerchief, or NYLT neckerchief
  • Neckerchief slide
  • Scout shirt – long or short sleeves – in good condition with proper patches applied in proper locations
    • We are no longer in Central New Jersey Council - please apply a Patriot’s Path Council patch
    • Please apply the patch for your proper rank or leadership position, only one rank patch may be worn at any time – remove extras. 
    • Proper patch placement for Boy Scout
    • Proper Patch placement for Adult Leader
  • Scout pants – shorts or long – in good condition
  • Scout belt
  • Scout socks (no white, multicolored, etc)

Scouts and uniformed leaders who just crossed over or otherwise just joined Boy Scouting this year should wear as much of the uniform as they own, but whatever they have should be worn correctly. Scouts and uniformed leaders beyond their first year should have and wear a complete Class A uniform in good condition.  We have a uniform exchange if you need to look for shirts or pants.


The camp has made arrangements for a formal 8”x10” photo of the Troop in front of the main gate upon our arrival Sunday, July 12 (this is why it is important to wear the complete Class A uniform to camp).  The picture will be imprinted with the Troop number and year.  If you would like a picture (or several), they are $7.00 each.  Please pay by check (BSA Troop 12) in the exact amount by June 11.

  1. If you would like a photo, please make out a separate checks for the photo and place in a separate envelope.
  2. On the envelope put the family name and the number of photos and the total amount of the enclosed check.


If any family would like to visit camp on Wednesday night, July 15, and partake of dinner with the Scouts, you may do so by ordering ahead of time (and, no, we do not know yet what dinner may be).  The price for adults and children 10 years and older is $10.00 each, and the price for children 9 years and younger is $6.00 each.  If you would like to reserve a place for one or more members of your family, please pay by check (BSA Troop 12) in the exact amount by June 11.

  1. If you would like to go, please make out a separate check for the dinner and place in a separate envelope. 
  2. On the envelope put the family name and the total number of 10 and older, and the total number of 9 and younger, and the total amount of the enclosed check.

Summer Camp 2015 is almost here!

Questions? Please ask.

Michele Fisher
Bob Fales
Summer Camp Coordinators

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