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BSA Annual Health & Medical Record

Anyone attending summer camp MUST have had a physical examination within the year prior to the last day of camp (thus, the examination must have occurred on or after July 22, 2016), conducted by a health professional, and had the results of the examination transcribed onto the latest BSA Annual Health and Medical Record. 

Even if a Scout/adult is not attending summer camp, we urge you to have a complete record on file with us.

There are two files you must review:

1.   a blank copy of the latest BSA Annual Health and Medical Record to be completed by you and your health professional (Parts A, B, and C)

2.   a set of instructions on how to complete the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record

Please read the directions, and follow them as written.

Please Note:

  • If you had a physical examination previously, so long as it was conducted on or after July 22, 2016, you can have the results transcribed onto the current form and you are good to go (if the examination was conducted July 21, 2016, or earlier, then you need a re-examination).


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