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Summer Camp 2017

July 16-22, 2017
Camp Somers (Campsite #4)
Stanhope, NJ

Mt Allamuchy Scout Reservation
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Per Troop policy, we must have a permission slip completed for campers attending any event with Troop 12. Please complete and return Page 2 of the Summer Camp Permission Slip by Thursday, June 15.

ATV Permission Forms are also required (for those aged 13 and up) – whether they signed up for ATV or not.


UPDATED 2/20/17

Cost for Scouts will be $399 for the week if paid to us by Thursday, April 13, 2017 (you can pay in increments over time). Thereafter, an additional $36 late fee will apply ($435 total). Please note that April 13 is a “hard” date – there will be no exception.

We request an initial payment of at least $25 no later than Thursday, MARCH 2, 2017 so that we can have an idea of how many Scouts will be attending, and who they are. This will allow us to plan adequately for a good summer camp experience for all.

There is no charge for two adult working leaders; the charge for additional leaders is $135 per person. We cost-share the free leader positions with any others who attend, and the Troop has traditionally added a modest subsidy, although that is not guaranteed. Any registered adult who would like to attend camp with us as a working leader should let us know by the Scout deposit date of February 16 (no deposit required for leaders).


UPDATED 3/19/17

Here is the 2017 Leader’s Guide. This contains all the administrative information that we need, PLUS information on merit badge and program offerings that Scouts will need to plan their week. We suggest that families preview this information.


UPDATED 9/1/16

Please see the  Troop 12 List on what to bring to summer camp, based on years of practical experience.


UPDATED 2/6/17

ALL CAMPERS, regardless of how long they are staying, must have had a physical examination within the year prior to the last day of camp – that is, on or after July 22, 2016 – and have the results recorded on the latest BSA Annual Health and Medical Record. Without this current, correctly completed form, a camper will NOT be allowed in camp – this is National BSA policy. 

To complete this, there are two files you must review:

1.   a blank copy of the latest BSA Annual Health and Medical Record to be completed by you and your health professional (Parts A, B, and C)

2.   a set of instructions on how to complete the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record

Please Note:

  • If you had a physical examination previously, so long as it was conducted on or after July 22, 2016, you can have the results transcribed onto the current form and you are good to go.
  • If the examination was conducted July 21, 2016, or earlier, then you need a re-examination.

Families are required to provide two (2) complete, clean copies of the original form and all attachments to Michele Fisher by no later than the evening of Monday, July 10, 2017. If you know that you cannot meet that date, please let us know as soon as possible, as this will affect our planning for Summer Camp Day 1.


Please complete the Emergency Contact Information and Permission for Medical Treatment, and return to us no later than Thursday, June 15.

This form grants permission for Troop 12 or the camp to render first aid and seek medical service for a Scout, or for an adult if the adult is not able to grant permission, in the event an emergency contact is not immediately available, and confirms that you will go through normal channels with your health insurance provider for coverage.

This form also requests three emergency contacts (one can be the same as on the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record), in the event that the primary contact is not immediately available.

This is a precautionary measure.  The need for medical service at summer camp has been rare (eg, fall while running, infected finger), but has happened, and we would like to be prepared.


If a Scout or adult will be bringing prescription (Rx) or non-prescription (over-the-counter [OTC]) medication to summer camp, the medication must be bagged and identified as described as listed on Update #14.  Please take note and follow the instructions.

Anyone wanting their medication checked to see if they have bagged and tagged it properly can make an appointment to see Mrs. Fisher during the week of July 10th. Any problems/issues arising from medical forms not properly filled out and medication not properly labeled must be dealt with directly with the camp – not Troop 12 leaders.


If any Scout or adult who will attend summer camp has any special dietary needs or any special dietary restrictions for medical, religious, or personal reasons, the camp must know so that it can make proper arrangements.  You can let us know the need or restriction by return e-mail.  Please be as specific as possible about the need or restriction.  We have to have this information no later than Thursday, June 15.


Troop 12 requests that Scouts and Scouters wear the Class A uniform to camp and home from camp.

As a reminder, the Class A uniform consists of the following:

  • Troop 12 Scout baseball cap
  • Red neckerchief with black trim, or Eagle neckerchief, or NYLT neckerchief
  • Neckerchief slide
  • Scout shirt – long or short sleeves – in good condition with proper patches applied in proper locations
    • We are no longer in Central New Jersey Council - please apply a Patriot’s Path Council patch
    • Please apply the patch for your proper rank or leadership position, only one rank patch may be worn at any time – remove extras. 
    • Proper patch placement for Boy Scout
    • Proper Patch placement for Adult Leader
  • Scout pants – shorts or long – in good condition
  • Scout belt
  • Scout socks (no white, multicolored, etc)

Scouts and uniformed leaders who just crossed over or otherwise just joined Boy Scouting this year should wear as much of the uniform as they own, but whatever they have should be worn correctly. Scouts and uniformed leaders beyond their first year should have and wear a complete Class A uniform in good condition.  We have a uniform exchange if you need to look for shirts or pants.


The camp has made arrangements for a formal 8 x10 photo of the Troop at Summer Camp  If you would like a picture (or several), they are $12.00 each.  Checks should be made payable to "Tom Neely Photography" and in the memo put: Scout Name, Troop 12 - Edison, Quantity, Week of 7/16. No checks will be accepted after June 15.


It takes about 1 – 1¼ hours to get to Camp Somers (for GPS, use 1 Camp Allamuchy Road, Stanhope, NJ, or Andover, NJ, or Byram Township, NJ, depending on your GPS) from Washington School (153 Winthrop Road, Edison, NJ). The camp’s parking lot is “small”; thus, they have set staggered arrival times by campsite, and run a tight schedule. We must arrive at camp all together as a group at a set time. Therefore, we will meet as a group outside camp, ensure that all are present, and then proceed to camp as a group to arrive together. Anyone who does not adhere to the schedule will make in-processing difficult for the entire Troop.

We will meet as a group at 12:30 PM on Sunday, July 16, just north of camp in the Lakeland Bank parking lot on the corner of US Route 206 and Lackawanna Drive, Stanhope, NJ (80 US-206, Stanhope, NJ [40.932919, -74.718551]). From there, we will proceed together to camp.

On Saturday, July 22, you will pick up your camper(s) at camp, in the camp parking lot. For GPS, please use the Camp Somers address noted above.

Please note that an annotated camp map appears HERE.

It's time to get ready for Summer Camp!

Questions? Please ask.

Michele Fisher, SM
Summer Camp Coordinator

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